Colours of China

Whoever we are, and wherever we live; colour has an immense influence on our lives

They are a sign and a stimulus, triggering feelings, revealing open or hidden emotions and responses. In Colours of China, they are the emotional key to a culture often regarded by the West as fascinating but inaccessible. Colours offer a window to China, its traditions, culture and mythologies. We embark on a journey through the vastness of China, traversing landscapes, seasons and regions. The five colours that guide us are green, red, yellow, white and black as we meet people living in extraordinary places throughout China: mountain ranges, deserts and grasslands and megacities.

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Year: 2019 (in production)
Director: Jan Hinrik Dreys and Mike Single
Executive Producer: Richard Fletcher
Screenwriters: Jan Hinrik Dreves and Marilyn McFadyen
Railto (feature) Choice TV (TV)
Running Time:
90 mins (feature); 5x43 mins (TV)