Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses

“A totally compelling piece of cinema which has the gut-wrenching tension and dread of a horror movie, while offering considered insights into how such a tragedy occurred.”
Calum Henderson, New Zealand Herald

In October 2007, 22-year-old Janet Moses died during a Makutu lifting in Wellington. Using a blend of interviews and reenactments, Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses lifts the veil of secrecy on what became known as "The Wainuiomata exorcism", to reveal the extra-ordinary true story of how both love and fear could drive a New Zealand family to unwittingly kill one of their own.

LIbertine Pictures - Belief - poster.jpg

Year: 2015
Director: David Stubbs
Executive Producer: Richard Fletcher
Screenwriter: David Stubbs
Kura Forrester, William Davis, Tina Cook, Hariata Moriarty
New Zealand International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Fantastic Fest (USA), Hawaii Film Festival, Imagine Film Festival (Netherlands)
Awards: David Stubbs, Best Documentary Director, 2017 Moa Awards (NZ)
Running Time:
89 mins