Wild Survivor


No food. No shelter. Not even a knife. The one goal: stay alive.

With nothing more than ancient wisdom and the brains he was born with, Aussie science teacher Phil Breslin is on a quest to survive the traditional way in some of Australia and New Zealand’s most hostile environments.

As an indigenous Australian, Phil is passionate about the natural world and capable of living off the land in his home state of Queensland. But he’s got no idea how to do it in new, different surroundings. After meeting with the local tribes for advice, he’ll be relying on their ancient wisdom to endure everything from the scorching heat of the Australian Outback to the bitter cold of New Zealand’s Rotorua region.

Cut off from civilisation, Phil will have to hunt local wildlife, search for bush tucker, navigate without maps, build fires and grapple with a terrifying assortment of dangerous creatures.

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Year: 2014
Director: Alex Clark
Executive Producers: Richard Fletcher, Ed Punchard, Julia Redwood
Presenter: Phil Breslin
National Geographic Channel
Oberon Digital
Factual Series
Running Time:
4 x 44 mins

Ellie Southen