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What does Libertine Pictures do and how does it differ from other producers?

Libertine Pictures is an independent production company that works across all stages of film production from development through distribution. We have a dedicated in house team,together with partnership relationships with several prominent New Zealand film-makers and senior distribution and sales professionals, both in New Zealand and internationally. In addition we have the financial resources to fund projects to an advanced development stage without the need to apply to the New Zealand Film Commission for development funding.

How do I submit my script or idea?

We regret that we cannot accept unsolicited scripts or materials. The development team will be actively looking for projects and meeting with filmmakers up and down the country. There will also be specific ‘meet the team’ events throughout the year at which you will be able to discuss your ideas. Libertine will also take recommendations from our partners as to people to meet and projects to read.

I am a writer why should I work with Libertine Pictures?

Libertine offers another option for collaboration in the New Zealand film industry. The NZFC is still the “go to” place for isolated development support. In contrast, Libertine is a production company and we will only be developing projects we intend to get into production. You will receive hands on development support, as well as the benefit of a supportive team of executives bringing their production, development and sales experience to the project. When you work with us you become part of a wider team of film-makers who are all there to help get the film from idea to the big screen.

I am a producer, why should I work with Libertine Pictures?

As demonstrated by our film-maker, distribution and sales partnerships Libertine is founded on a collaborative and complementary model. We have assembled a team with experience in all the stages of film production from development through distribution. By working with us you will have access to that experience and be part of a committed team whose overriding objective is to make films that find an audience. We can be involved as full coproducing partners, executive producers, or act as consultants on specific aspects such as financing, international coproduction, or marketing. The nature of our involvement will depend on the status of project and the experience of the filmmaking team.

What rights will Libertine Pictures take over my work?

There is no short answer to this as it will, of course, depending on your contribution to the project. For writers this will most likely be an industry standard option and acquisition agreement. For producers it will depend on the degree of Libertine’s involvement.

Will you look at projects that are currently under consideration by the NZFC?

It is better that you wait to determine the outcome of your NZFC application before we look at the project.

My film was turned down by the NZFC. Can I also send it to you?

This is something we could discuss when we invite you to submit your material. However, as it is likely that any New Zealand based film we develop will ultimately seek NZFC production funding, it would be unwise for us to progress something that the NZFC have already turned down – whether at development or production level. If it is something we passionately believe in, we may discuss with the NZFC their reasons for turning it down to ascertain whether it is worth us putting further work into the project.

I have already received development funding from the NZFC, can I then approach you for further development?

If there is a role for us to play in an NZFC supported project, there is no reason for us not to get involved at any stage. However, if the project has come to an end with the NZFC, bear in mind the above note about projects that have already been declined for funding.

Who will read my work and decide whether the company wish to develop it?

Any member of the Libertine team can bring projects forward for consideration. The decision to take a project into development or push forward to production will be taken after group discussion, but the final decision to proceed to production will be decided by the Joint Managing Directors in collaboration with the senior executives.

What are you looking for?

This is always an almost impossible question to satisfy. The short answer is that we are looking for films that have a strong sense of what they are and who they are for. Whether it be, for example, a large scale project likely to draw wide international interest, a heartwarming comedy for NZ audiences, or an offbeat project with a niche but definable audience. Like all filmgoers we seek something original, exciting and engrossing.

Is Libertine Pictures only involved in New Zealand production?

Not at all. Whilst we are based in New Zealand, our team is comprised of New Zealand filmmakers, and New Zealand stories will be an important part of our output, we seek to encourage international co-production. New Zealand has a range of co-production treaties with other countries that allow us to work with international producers, access multiple sources of financing, and work with overseas film-makers. New Zealand also has attractive financial incentives to encourage inwards film and television production and we can facilitate this as service producers.